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Collaborate Virtually with Wave

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a devastating global impact, and it is affecting how many of us work together to drive change throughout our organizations: employees are now encouraged to work remotely where possible, and to have the right technology and infrastructure in place to support geographically dispersed teams.  An expected increase in email activity may also make it harder for you and your teams to collaborate in real-time, reduce the volume of messages on your inbox, and increase productivity. 

If you are a Wave user, here are some best practices to help you collaborate more effectively with your team: 

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Send a direct link to a workbook or initiative to share insights with your team and help others find relevant information quickly. Each link to a workbook or initiative contains specific views and real-time information that can help you support your team's progress.


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Never miss out on an update using Wave’s searchable card activity panel. The activity in an initiative card may include numerous entries over time and it may become difficult to quickly identify which changes were made by whom and when. Use Wave’s searchable card activity panel to help you identify who made changes and when.



Capture TO meeting notes directly in Wave. Notes can be used any way you need to record text in Wave, such as a meeting agenda or the description of a shared or template workbook.



Approve initiatives on the go using Wave’s mobile features. When you open a card on Wave mobile that is pending your approval, you will be able to approve or reject the card, as well as add a comment to go with your action.


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Crowd-source new improvement ideas to help teams during this difficult time. Use Wave to empower client employees across your organization to submit new initiatives and use voting buttons to keep them engaged on their submissions.


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Schedule time with a remote McKinsey coach. Clients can now activate a Coaching Expert Center (CEC) module within Wave where initiative owners can schedule time with our coaches in less than a day.


For more information, please reach out to your Wave account manager or write to us at

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