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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Reporting for Meetings

Wave enables users to always see the most recent information, make live updates, and reduce, if not eliminate, the need to create additional PowerPoint or Excel files. These attributes make Wave ideal for use during regular team meetings. 

There are two ways to use Wave in a meeting: either with a saved workbook that has tabs representing key areas for discussion or with a personal dashboard based on such a workbook.

Saved Workbook

In most configurations of Wave, an Overview dashboard (which may be named differently for you) will include views that reflect team commitments, starting with a summary of the transformation of performance that can be reviewed at the start of your meeting. You can then dig into the views and add filters and grouping to further explore specific workstreams and other details about what is coming due, what needs attention, and how the transformation is progressing against plan. 

The example below illustrates how you can start in the Overview and click on a view, then dig into details. In this case, you can see the details of the Carbonated drinks works as far down as the the L3 initiatives of the Carbonated drinks - Operations sub-workstream in a list view.

Overview Dashboard.gif



Many of these data points are best presented in list view, but some (primarily impact data) might be best to review in stacked chart view.

Personal Dashboard

You can easily adapt the meeting dashboard to a personal dashboard with the same tabs of reports. In some cases you may wish to change the view type from list view to pivot, Gantt chart, or stacked chart, as well as the filters or groupings, so as to more easily see at a glance where attention is needed or progress is being made in areas relevant to your work. 

The personal dashboard has the added benefit of allowing meeting attendees to see multiple pieces of information at the same time and allows for management by exception. 

Pro tip: Workstream leads or the Wave champion should lead the meetings. NOT workstream sponsors, as they will be more free to drive conversation.

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