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Transformation initiatives coming due

When you are leading a transformation, you need to know what is coming due when and how initiatives are progressing. Follow these steps to create a visualization that will help you easily identify initiatives that are coming due in the next thirty days (or week or two months - whatever is best for your company), as illustrated in the image below. 

How to use

  • In a list ordered by due date (in this example, L4 latest estimated date), you will see initiatives coming due soonest and details such as stage, weekly status, and initiative owner
  • Double click initiatives to see details on the milestones tab and the weekly status tab 


Step-by-step Instructions 

1. Click on the color icon Color_icon.png and choose Weekly status, then click on the group icon Group_icon.png and select L4 latest estimated date. Click on the sort icon Sort_icon.png and select L4 latest estimated date.

TO Initiatives due 1.gif


2. Next click on the filter icon Filter_icon.png in the upper right corner and select Filter by initiative. Choose L4 latest estimated date and select Next 30 days from the time period drop down. Also, uncheck Include items without a date.

TO Initiatives due 2.gif

One best practice is to view and update this data weekly. You will want to save your workbook view for future reference. 

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