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Initiatives stuck in approval

Initiatives awaiting approval can slow down your program. This report will let you identify which initiatives are submitted for approval and how long they have been sitting in that stage. 

How to use

  • Review the number of days an initiative has been in its current stage
  • Double click initiatives to see details, such who the approver is and who owns the initiative
  • Share a link to the initiative with the approver via email to remind them to review and approve
  • Don't see one or more of the columns needed for this report? You may need to change the column order or show the column, if it is hidden.


Step-by-step Instructions    

1. Click on the filter icon Filter_icon.png in the upper right corner and select Filter by initiative. Set the following filters:

  • Stage  - check all the Submitted for approval boxes, L1 through L5

Stuck in approval 1.gif


2. Click on the view setting icon  View_settings_icon.png  to the left of the filter icon, then click on the group icon Group_icon.png and select Accountability Workstream

Stuck in approval 2.gif


3. Finally, click on the clock icon Filter_icon.png and enable Visualise change over time. Confirm that Show items without change is selected.

Choose a time period from the drop down or enter a date range manually; in this case, the report is pulling data since the beginning of the year. Click on Track by initiative and select Stage.  You will be viewing initiatives have been in a submitted for approval stage with no change in the past six weeks, as well as the number of days those initiatives have been in that stage.

Stuck in approval 3.gif

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