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Initiatives flagged for attention

As a leader you want to see who has raised their hand for help and best use your time to follow up with those initiative owners and workstream sponsors. This report shows where there are issues or where leadership attention have been requested. 

TIP: Consider having a standard response time for requests for leadership attention. Some organizations commit to having a response, if not necessarily a resolution, within a week and will continue to track until the initiative is back on track. 

How to use

  • Pull this report weekly to review who has raised their hand for help because initiatives owners will be updating initiative status weekly
  • Look at initiatives that are red for requiring leadership attention, as well as at the initiatives that are orange for some issues
  • Use either pivot view or list view to see your information. Most organizations prefer to see both:
    • In pivot view, look at the columns on the x-axis (workstreams) to see at a glance which workstreams are having the most issues 
    • In list view, scroll through initiatives by name to see more details
  • Double click initiatives to see details on the milestones tab and the weekly status tab 
Pivot view


List view



Step-by-step Instructions 

1. You can create this view in list view or pivot view. For purposes of this example, we start in list view and switch to pivot view at the end.

2.  Click on the view settings icon  View_settings_icon.png, then group icon Group_icon.pngScroll down and select Accountability Workstream. Next, click on the color icon Color_icon.pngand select Weekly status. 

TO Initiatives need attention 1.gif


3. Next, click on the filter icon Filter_icon.png and select Filter by initiative. Click on Weekly status and select only Some issues and Leadership attention

TO Initiatives need attention 2.gif


4. You can choose to view your data in list or pivot view by clicking on the visualisation type in the upper left corner. To group the weekly status in pivot view, go to view settings View_settings_icon.png and click on the sort icon Sort_icon.png. Select Weekly status

TO Initiatives need attention 3.gif

One best practice is to view and update this data weekly. You will want to save your workbook view for future reference. 

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