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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Identify Wave role models

Who are the Wave role models and leaders in your program? You can get a sense of which teams are using Wave by analyzing frequency of activity. Run this report to identify the most active teams, acknowledge their efforts, and learn from their experience to encourage less active teams or understand hurdles to adoption.

How to use 

  • Look to see the regularity with which teams are making updates to their initiatives or milestones over a specific time period
  • Initiatives that have been changed at the initiative level are shaded blue
  • Follow up with teams that are not actively making updates in Wave to understand why
  • Recognize and reward teams that are actively making updates


Step-by-step Instructions

1. Click on the view settings icon  View_settings_icon.png, then group icon Group_icon.pngScroll down and select Accountability Workstream

Active teams 1.gif


2. Next, click on the clock icon Filter_icon.png and enable Visualise change over time. Confirm that Show items with change and Highlight changes are checked. Select Last 7 days from the time period dropdown. Initiatives that have been updated at the initiative level will be blue in color.

Active teams 2.gif



You will want to save your workbook view for future reference. 

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