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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

See how much impact is planned and when

Create a chart in Wave that will help you understand when your program will realize costs and savings impacts. You can use this chart as you plan out your pipeline of initiatives and ensure your impact will achieve your program's targets. 

How to use

  • Understand your program's evolution to see when the bulk of your impacts will occur; data can be grouped annually, quarterly, monthly, etc.
  • Color by stage (as shown in this example) or workstream to see where impacts are planned to be realized
  • Switch from stacked chart view to list view in order to see further initiative details
  • Use a combination of the bar and line chart to view planned against actual/forecasted numbers



Step-by-step Instructions

1. If you are not already in stacked chart view, navigate to the upper left corner of your workspace to the visualization options and select Switch to stacked chart.

Click on the view setting icon View_settings_icon.png , then the aggregation icon Aggregation_icon.png  and choose Select the bar measure. Under the Calendarized category of attributes, select Net recurring benefits



2. Next, click on the group icon Group_icon.png and choose Group by period. Enable grouping, then select year, quarter or month, and set an optional date range filter. For this example, the data is grouped by year for the entire program.



3. Finally, click on the color icon Color_icon.png and select Stage (simplified). By default, data should be sorted by stage, but if not, click on the sort icon Sort_icon.png and make the necessary adjustments. You will now be able to see an overview of where your program's impact dollars reside in the pipeline. The bars under the line represent impact from initiatives that are not yet realizing actual impact.  



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