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Impact against plan

Are your initiatives delivering against what you planned? This visualization will give you a list of your initiatives with the net recurring benefits next to the net recurring benefits planned, as shown in the example below, for easy comparison. Your application may also include the ability to view calculated attributes that provide details on money burned and deviation vs. planned benefits. Contact your Wave account representative for more details. 

How to use

  • Look at the initiatives that are high priority
  • Compare net recurring benefits column to net recurring benefits planned. You may also be able to view a calculated difference between the two
  • If you notice that your actual net recurring benefits are behind your plan, you can then take the necessary actions, such as adding a description to the initiative explaining why (for example, market currency fluctuations).



Step-by-step Instructions   

1. Ensure you are in list view. If not, navigate to the upper left corner and click on the visualization type and select List view from the dropdown.

2. Click on the view settings icon  View_settings_icon.png, then click on the group icon Group_icon.png. Select Filter by initiative, click on Group by accountability, and then click on the color icon and select Weekly status

IO Delivering against plan1.gif


3. Next, click on the sorting icon Sort_icon.png and Weekly status. Ensure that the ordering is Ascending.

IO Delivering against plan 2.gif


4. Click on the filter icon Filter_icon.png to the right of the view settings icon and select Filter by accountability. Set the following filters:

  • Accountability - the workstream for which you are responsible (in this example, we use Juices)
  • Weekly status - only select Some issues and Leadership attention
  • Initiative owner - Filter for me only

In order to see Net recurring benefits planned next to Net recurring benefits, you can easily reorder the columns.

Untitled Project.gif


One best practice is to view and update this data weekly. You will want to save your workbook view for future reference. 


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