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Workbook Library

This library is designed to provide guidance as you build out visualizations based on your role, along with step-by-step instructions and recommendations on how to use each visualization.

Workbooks are a collection of tabbed data views in Wave that give you real-time information you need to run your program and foster accountability. You may see some useful visualizations already on your dashboard, and you can also easily create your own.

You can create workbooks to help you:

  • Track your financial impacts
  • Focus your attention where it is needed most
  • See what is coming due to guide your planning

Before getting started in workbook visualizations, be sure to read up on the basics of navigating Wave, especially how to create and save a workbook and the different view options available.

Why use workbooks?

  • Data is always current
  • Visualizations only take a few minutes to create and customize, and, once saved, can be quickly modified
  • Sharing workbooks is easy
  • Multiple tabs can be combined to structure a storyline for meetings
  • Build a personal dashboard with data visualizations
Workbook Library


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