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Wave User Interface Updates

We are updating the Wave user interface to provide a simpler and more intuitive user experience.

Why are we changing the Wave user interface?

During a period of several months, we collected and reviewed extensive Wave user feedback, which helped identify areas of the user interface that could be further simplified. We believe that with these updates, all users will have an enhanced user Wave experience

When will I see the updates?

Wave will be automatically upgraded on at the end of February 2020

What is changing?

Dashboard and Workbook Navigation

The blue navigation bar will be removed to maximize the data viewing space. Navigation between the dashboard and workspace will found on to the top bar, providing a more accessible and faster way to move between the two spaces. Workspace has also been renamed Workbook to better reflect its function

Navigation Before.pngNavigation After.png

Faster Access to Secondary Pages

The links to Data Connections, Settings, About, and Log Out have been relocated from the blue side bar to a menu that can be accessed by clicking on the kebab icon Kebab icon.png in the upper right corner

Help remains accessible by clicking on the help icon Help icon.png in the upper right corner

Secondary pages Before.pngSecondary pages After.png

Simplified Control Panel

All control panel icons will be on the same row. A blue background will highlight which panel is open 

Control panel Before.pngControl panel After.png

Icons in Breadcrumbs

Quickly identify a view's custom settings with icons embedded into the breadcrumbs across the top of the view

Breadcrumbs Before.png

Breadcrumbs After.png

View Selector and Tree Icon

The view selector and tree structure icons will be switched, and the tree icon will only show when applicable to the selected view

Tree Before.pngTree After.png

Refreshed Color Palette and Logo

You will also notice a brighter color palette and Wave's new logo



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