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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Wave Support Form

The Wave Support form is where you can contact our support team with requests or issues you may be experiencing. Before submitting a ticket in the form, make sure to review Troubleshooting and FAQs first; you may find the help you need there. 

Access the Support Form

Once you have determined that you cannot resolve your issue or make your request with Wave Support, go to the following URL: You may wish to bookmark this link for easy access in the future.

Complete the Support Form

The following is an overview of the fields included in the form and how best to respond. The more information you can provide, the more easily we can quickly respond to your concern.

Field Description
Contact name Your first and last name, as associated with your Wave email
Email The email you use to access Wave. The form will validate your email and identify your solution based on this email. In the event you receive an error message requesting that you enter a valid email address, check the information you entered and contact your Wave Super User if you think your email should be validated
Solution Once you have entered your email address above, this field will auto-fill with Wave 

Note: If this field does not auto-fill with Wave, please reach out to or your company's Wave Super User.
What can we help you with?

Choose from the dropdown the best description of your request.

  • I have a user request - use this for adding new users, bulk user uploads, modifications to access or user visibility
  • I have a data request - use this for bulk data uploads, data updates, undeletion of cards
  • I have an issue - use this for technical difficulties
  • I have another type of request - use this for all other requests not listed
  • I have a custom reporting request -  use this for custom reports
We need a little more detail

Based on your request type, choose the item from the dropdown that best describes what you need from Support

Note: This box will not appear if you choose "I have an issue"

Steps to reproduce This box will only appear if you choose "I have an issue." Provide information about how the issue occurred, such as the steps you took, error message text or timestamps. You can also attach screenshots (see Choose file). Please be as descriptive as possible!
Description Provide a detailed description of your request
Are all users impacted? Select "no," unless you are reporting an issue, which may or may not impact all users.
Is there a viable workaround? Select "no," unless you are reporting an issue, which may or may not have a viable workaround.
Is there a critical business impact? Only select "yes" in the event that there is urgency behind your request or you are experiencing an issue that affects your ability to do your job
Choose file Click this to upload attachments, such as screenshots or user management reports. Screenshots are particularly useful when reporting issues. 
Submit Once your form is complete and submitted, you will receive an email confirmation and additional follow up depending on your request.



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