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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Update an Existing Wave User

Updating a single user is an easy process using the button options at the bottom of the User Management Console. Note that the options on the bottom of the page will not appear if you do not have a user or users selected. Also, this process only applies to individual users. Should you need to bulk update users, please refer to this article.

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Start by selecting the user you want to edit and clicking on UPDATE in the bottom menu of buttons.

UM Update User 1.gif


2. In the box that opens, make the necessary changes to the user and click on UPDATE USER. In the example below, a change was made to the default language.

UM Update User 2.gif


3. You will see a summary page and can view the user to whom you are about to apply changes. Click on SHOW to see the details and click CONFIRM.

Finally, you will see a confirmation page. Again, click on SHOW to see the details and click CLOSE to return to the console.

UM Update User 3.gif