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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Temporarily Block Wave Users

If you need to temporarily prevent a user or multiple users from accessing Wave, you can block them. Once blocked, users will not be able to log in, but they will still receive notifications unless you update the user to be part of the "Block notifications" (or similarly named) group. Note that blocked users will not count against your Wave subscription and can easily be unblocked again. 

Any user that no longer needs access to Wave should be deactivated.

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Select the user(s) who should temporarily not have access to Wave and click on BLOCK in the bottom menu of buttons. In the example below, only one user is being blocked, but several users may be selected and blocked at the same time.

Tip: Quickly select multiple users by using the Shift key. Select the first user, hold down the Shift key, then select the last user. All users in between will be selected automatically.

UM Block User Blur 1.gif


2. A popup box will open indicating the number of users you are blocking. Click on BLOCK USERS to continue the action or DISCARD THE CHANGE to return to the console without making any changes. It may take a moment, but BLOCKED will appear when the user has been successfully blocked. 

UM Block User Blur 2.gif


3. Should you need to unblock someone, the process is exactly the same, only select UNBLOCK in step 1. It may take a moment, but BLOCKED will disappear when the user has been successfully unblocked.