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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Onboarding New Users

When a new user is created, they will automatically appear as blocked. New users must be onboarded in order to receive their credentials and access to Wave. In the user management console, you can send an onboarding email with important links and login information to that user to get them started.

1. Filter on Name to find your newly created user. Select that user and click on the SEND ONBOARDING EMAIL from the bottom menu bar. 



2. A pop-up will appear confirming the number of onboard emails you will be sending. Click on SEND EMAIL.



3. Once the email(s) is sent, you will see a confirmation. Click on CLOSE to return to the console.



Onboarding Status

Easily identify users' onboarding status by sorting on the App on-boarding status column. User that have not been onboarded will have a red box in the column and those that have been onboarded will have a green box in the column.



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