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Deactivate Wave Users

Deactivate Wave users who no longer work at your company, or do not need access to Wave otherwise. Note that any user that needs their Wave access temporarily suspended should simply be blocked.

Deactivated users will be:

  • Blocked and unable to log into Wave 
  • Removed from any user drop-down in Wave (or disabled for users still selected in some Wave cards)
  • Removed from any approver group
  • Removed from any card visibility and editor role
  • Removed from notifications

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Select the user(s) who should no longer have access to Wave and click on DEACTIVATE in the bottom menu.

Deactivate users 1.gif


2. A popup box will open confirming the number of users you wish to deactivate. Click on DEACTIVATE USER(S) to continue the action, then CONFIRM. Click on CLOSE to return to the console. Deactivation will be confirmed at each step, and you may click on SHOW to see the details. 

Deactivate users 2.gif


In the event you deactivate a user that should still have access to Wave, reach out to Wave support. You may also wish to block a user if there is any question about whether or not they may need access to Wave again in the future. 

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