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Clone Wave Users

Instead of starting from scratch each time you add a new user, you can clone an existing member to take advantage of an existing user's specific role and visibility settings. This is particularly useful if you are adding new team member who would need the same roles and visibility as a current Wave user on their team.  

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Select the user you want to clone and click on the button in the lower right corner of the console to access the extended menu. Click on CLONE to open a pop up box that will contain all the role, approval, and visibility settings of the selected user already pre-populated.

UM Clone step 1.gif


2. Complete the required fields and make any other changes to the role, approval, and visibility fields. Click on ADD USER.

UM Clone User 2.gif


3. Review the Summary of changes for user you are adding. You can click on Show to view the details. Click CONFIRM if everything is okay, or ABORT if you need to make edits.

Next, you will see an overview of Special checks such as for enabling email, as in this example. You can click on Show to view the details. Again, click CONFIRM if everything looks okay, or ABORT if you need to make edits.

Finally, you will see a final confirmation and summary of the applied changes and special checks. Click on SHOW to see the details, then CLOSE to return to the console.

UM Clone 3.gif


4. Once you have added a new user, that user will not be able to access Wave until they have received their login credentials. This is done by onboarding the user. 


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