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Bulk Update Wave Users

Before you can bulk update users using the console, ensure that *.tsv files are associated with Excel on your computer. You can easily do this by right clicking the file in your download bar and choosing Open with. If Excel is not an option on the list, click on Look for another app on this PC. Search for excel.exe and select this file. Open Excel and then open the downloaded file. In the dialog box that opens, click Next until you have made your way through and you will see the template document as illustrated in the steps below. Reach out to Service Delivery or your Wave contact for further guidance.


When bulk adding new users to Wave, you will be downloading the User Template in *.tsv format from the User Management Console, making your changes, then importing the new data. Please note that new users will not be able to access Wave until they have been onboarded

Do you need to add only one new user? Read how to do that here.

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Find the template user, which should have been created when setting up your console, and check the box next to the Name (as shown in the example below).

Expand the bottom menu by clicking on the button in the lower right corner and select EXPORT SELECTED USERS. Your file will download and you can open it directly from the download bar at the bottom of your screen. You may wish to save the blank template as an Excel file for future updates, provided there are no changes to the file structure. 

UM Download template user.gif


2. Update the fields in the user export file based on your needs, including names, emails, and group memberships, as illustrated below, for each new user. Please note that the specific fields will vary depending on your Wave setup. 

Be sure to remove the Auth0 ID from the blank user; if you do not, you will end up modifying the blank user record. New users will be automatically assigned an ID upon upload.

UM Update Bulk Upload 3.gif


3. Once all your changes have been input into the user export spreadsheet, select the data - including the header row - and copy to the clipboard.

Click on the + in the upper left corner of the console and click on Add or update users in bulk to access the pop up where you can make the changes.



4. As shown in the animation below, you will first paste the data you copied from your spreadsheet into the box. Click on ADD/UPDATE USERS and you will see a Summary of changes for all the users you are adding or updating. You can click on Show to view the details. Click CONFIRM if everything is okay, or ABORT if you need to make edits.

Next, you will see an overview of Special checks including how access will be granted to confidential cards or dashboards. You can click on Show to view the details. Again, click CONFIRM if everything looks okay, or ABORT if you need to make edits.

Now you will see a final confirmation and summary of the applied changes and special checks. Click on SHOW to see the details, then CLOSE to return to the console.

Bulk add new users.gif


5. Once you have added a new user, that user will not be able to access Wave until they have received their login credentials. This is done by onboarding the user. 


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