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Add a New User

Adding a new user to Wave is as simple as completing a short online form accessed from the User Management Console. If you would like to add multiple new users, please read about bulk adding new users. Please note that new users will appear as blocked and are not be able to access Wave until they have been onboarded. Onboarding will automatically unblock new users. 

Step-by-step Instructions

1. In the upper left hand corner of the User Management Console, click on the + and select Add a user.



2. A popup form, similar to the one shown below, will open where you will enter the user's information. Please note that the specific fields may vary in your configuration.

In the example below, required fields are those indicated with a red asterisk. This form is also where you will assign roles and visibility permissions.



3. When you have entered the required fields and any necessary optional fields, click ADD USER at the bottom of the box.

Add a user 1.gif


4. You will then be asked to confirm the creation of your new user and email notifications that user will receive, based on their user profile entries. At each stage, click on SHOW to see the email address and CONFIRM to move to the next screen. On the last screen, click CLOSE to return to the dashboard.

Add user 2.gif


5. Once you have added your new user, they will not be able to access Wave until you onboard them. 

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