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Viewing Modes

Occasionally, you may find the need to override viewing or editing permissions. This can be done on the settings panel under Viewing Mode. Please note that this feature may not be available to all users. 

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Minimize the dashboard or workspace view by clicking on the hamburger icon Hamburger_icon.png in the upper left corner. In the lower left corner of your screen, click on Settings. You will see Viewing mode options.

View Settings.gif


2. There are three primary viewing modes available:

  • Default view mode - This is the default mode assigned to your user role group



  • Override view mode - Use this mode to see attributes that would otherwise be hidden; your workspace will have an orange frame when you are in this mode



  • Override editor mode - Use this mode to edit items that would otherwise be read-only; your workspace will have a purple frame when you are in this mode



3. To leave an Override mode, simply click Exit in the top middle of the colored frame or select Default view mode in your Settings

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