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Edit a Template or Dashboard

Wave Super Users with access to the Config Manager tool can use the Configuration Designer to edit a template or dashboard by uploading a new version; as you will see below, the processes are very similar. 

Please be sure to confirm with your configuration owner and tenant owner before you make any changes. Additionally, because published changes will appear immediately in your company's live Wave tenant, you may wish to publish changes outside of regular office hours or when Wave usage tends to be low so as to minimize any interruption to users.

Before you begin this process you will need to save the edited workbook you use as the basis for your template or dashboard, including any layout changes, as My Dashboard

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Select Manage Templates (or Manage Dashboards from the options at the bottom of the screen in the Configuration Designer, then click on Update Template (or Update Dashboard). Choose the template or dashboard you want to update from the dropdown list and click Continue. In this example, we select Overview of my initiatives' impacts.

Edit template new.gif


2. Choose the saved workbook that will be your source. This is the workbook that you have saved as My Dashboard. Here we select My version - Impact tracking (actuals), and click Continue.

Template dashboards 2.gif


3. At the prompt, click on Publish to make your changes live. You can also select Make another change if you wish to publish additional changes.

When you are ready, follow the prompts to complete the publish. Please be patient! This process will take a few moments, but you will receive confirmation when the publish is successfully complete and your changes are live for all users. 

Template dashboards 3.gif


Download changes

In the event your environment is locked and the Publish option is grayed out, or you wish to push your changes to sandbox first, you can select Download Changes to create a file with your changes that can be sent to your configuration owner.

Framed Download Config Manager Changes.png


Should you experience any issues or errors while using the Config Manager, please consult the FAQs.