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Audit user changes

You can track any changes made to a user's role or visibility by downloading an audit log in the User Management Console. The audit log records who executed changes and when. This information can then be used to take corrective measures as needed. 

Step-by-step Instructions

1. To generate a user audit log, select the user(s) you want to audit.  

Expand the bottom menu by clicking on the button in the lower right corner and select EXPORT SELECTED USER AUDIT. Your file will download and you can open it directly from the download bar at the bottom of your screen. 

User audit.gif


2. Your file will download in .xlsx format. You will need to open it from Excel and follow the prompts in the Text Import Wizard, clicking Next until you get to Finish as illustrated below.

tsv file.gif

3. In the downloaded file, you will find a summary of changes for the user(s) you are auditing. You can see who (admin current email) made which changes (type of change) to which user (user current email) and when (timestamp (UTC)), then follow up accordingly.

Audit log.png

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