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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Working with Wave Support

Wave Support is available 24/5 and can help with the great majority of your requests within 24 hours. To make the most of your experience as a Wave Super User, keep in mind these best practices:

  • Submit support requests through the Wave Support form rather than send to an individual person to ensure a faster response and follow up. 
  • Always include the company/client name in any request.
  • For new user requests, please provide first and last name, email and company name along with any visibility and permissions.
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for non-urgent user creation or change requests.
  • When you submit a form to Wave Support, you will receive a support ticket. Please remember to reference the support ticket case number in communications with the Wave Support team.
  • For urgent issues or to escalate a request, notify your Wave Account Manager or Solutions Support contact when you have submitted a Wave Support form.
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