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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Super User Role and Responsibilities

As your organization's Wave Super User, you have a set of unique responsibilities. The following is a basic outline of responsibilities and may vary based on your company's Wave administrative structure. Additionally, the individual(s) with these responsibilities may be referred to as champion, single point of contact (SPOC), or something more aligned with your company's terminologies. 

Please be aware that your role as a Wave Super User includes responsibility for sensitive and confidential data. 

  • You will typically have access to all user data in your company's instance of Wave, including names and emails

  • You will be able to see all initiative details and attachments, all of which should be treated as confidential information

  • Be mindful of the sensitive and confidential nature of this data at all times, especially when extracting and sharing data from Wave


Internal Wave Champion

  • Be the primary internal Wave contact
  • Communicate new features and tips to your user base
  • Monitor usage and adoption, share best practices from active users and target low usage groups 

Wave Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

  • Act as the single point of contact for Wave

  • Be the Wave support team's contact for user additions, deletions, maintenance notifications, etc.
  • Approve and submit configuration changes

New User Trainer

  • Initiate new users to business rules and processes of Wave
  • Answer basic Wave questions
  • Direct technical inquires to Wave Success Center or Wave support team

Wave Administrator

  • Ensure adherence to established reporting cadence and business rules
  • Keep Wave user list clean by regularly blocking unneeded users
  • Identify other Wave champions and super users as needed