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Best Practices: Data Hygiene

By maintaining quality data, you will have quality reports. Here are some best practices for how using Wave can help you maintain good data hygiene. 

Commit to weekly actions

Regular updates to initiatives - whether there is a milestone or not - can help reduce the impact of delays by encouraging owners to report on potential issues early so they can be resolved with minimal effort.

Here are some best practices for data hygiene:

  • Initiative owners: update your initiatives weekly. Start on the dashboard page and review your initiatives. 
  • Workstream leads and management: review data hygiene weekly with your team
  • Transformation Office leadership: make reports and dashboards to track data hygiene. Clearly communicate expectations for actions for next week to be updated weekly.


Common Data Hygiene priorities and ideas to address them:

Note!  Keep in mind this is generic.  Please engage the Wave team for more services and recommendations to improve data hygiene.


What: Actions for next week updated weekly


How: Make a list view report of the actions for next week, and the last modified date.  Sort by last modified.

Video: How to make the report


What: Desired data: Date fields filled out

Why?  You need to know the date

How: Make a report, filter by unchecking, etc.

Video: How to make the report


What?  Initiatives touched every week

Why?  Need to keep momentum and keep data up to date


Video: -For example – the time machine video I made gave one example of what to look for trackchanges_time_machine.mp4- attached



Note: Here is an example of our team data hygiene dashboard Darren built – very effective!!  This shows who hasn’t filled out certain fields. 


In Wave 2 perhaps our approach will be a little different since we can require fields to be filled out at different stage gates. it will depend on how fast our team and clients implement this feature.

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