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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

What's new in Wave 2?

We completely redesigned Wave 2 from the ground up. If you are migrating from Wave 1, you will find a more dynamic, intuitive, and collaborative program. Watch our short video for an overview of how Wave 2 works.

A faster, more dynamic experience

  • Faster performance - technology rebuilt from the ground up. Wave 2 takes advantage of your browsers' cache settings to deliver optimal performance.  
  • Faster to update - now you can edit in Wave just like you can in Excel
  • Modern interface including more menus and controls and no need to save changes

More intuitive design

“The look and feel is much better”

“I like when you are moving through to the next stage gate and it tells you what is missing” 

  • Enhanced online reporting, including the ability to see colored stoplights (i.e., red, amber green) and details (i.e., names, dates, impacts) in the same charts
  • Best practice reporting to achieve program success by using proven data analytics, such as track changes reporting on which initiatives have not been updated
  • Easier to track initiative progress - new stage gate tab shows progress through approval process and approver process made easier through targeted email alerts

Increased collaboration

"I want to thank you and your team for creating an even easier tool for our initiative owners" 

  • Share information faster by emailing links to reports to others
  • Collaborate more easily by seeing and adding comments and activity on the right hand comment side
  • Standardize information shared by pushing best practice dashboards to relevant groups 
  • Ability to set backup initiative owners for easier collaboration among colleagues.


Wave 2 Overview


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