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Wave Migration FAQs


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Does my transformation or program's governance structure change when we move to Wave 2? For the most part, no. In most migration cases, your program's governance structure (such as approval and stage gate processes) will remain the same in Wave 2. There may be some exceptions, however, and you can reach out to your Wave administrator or training team if you have questions. 
Will I need to change my username and password? Yes. Wave will assign you with a new username and a new temporary password link that will be sent to you via e-mail. Your new username will be your company's email address and you will set your password the first time you log into Wave 2. For more details, please read through our guide on Getting Started.
Does Wave 2 collect the same type of information for initiatives and milestones? Yes. Wave 2 collects the same information for initiatives and milestones that were collected in Wave 1. In most cases, there will not be any new fields upon migration and you will notice that the initiative and milestone cards are set up very similarly to the cards in Wave 1.
Are there any technical changes I need to be aware of? Unlike Wave 1, Wave 2 is currently optimized to work on Google Chrome internet browser. You can also access Wave using Internet Explorer 11.  Another difference is that the Wave 2 URL is different than Wave 1. Reach out to your company's Wave administrator if you are not able to locate the Wave 2 URL or require browser assistance.
How will my data be migrated?

You can expect most of your data will be migrated as-is. You can review specifics of your migration with your Wave representative. The following are typical exceptions that may apply:

  • Cancelled initiatives will remain in Wave 1 as read-only for your reference and can be easily exported to an Excel spreadsheet
  • KPIs will be migrated if they match the impact time series
  • Custom Excel reports will be recreated on Wave 2, replaced by new Wave 2 functionality or not recreated if unused  
  • History accumulated in Wave 1 will not be migrated. Once migration is complete, the audit of activities will be captured in the activity sidebar
  • Personal saved views and reports will not be migrated. You can recreate your personal views as workbooks in Wave 2
My KPIs do not match the impact time series. What should I do?

In the event the KPIs do not match the impact time series (e.g., the impact time series is weekly, but KPIs are recorded daily), there are two options:

  1. Convert KPIs to match impact time series in Wave 1 prior to migration
  2. Export KPIs into an Excel spreadsheet and attach them to your initiatives in Wave 2
Will historical data migrate from Wave 1 to Wave 2? Basic data will be migrated for reporting, e.g. the date an initiative moved to the next stage gate. However, detailed information, such as the name of the user who moved that initiative to the next stage gate, will not be migrated.
Do my personal saved views get automatically moved from Wave 1 to Wave 2? No. Unfortunately, personal saved views will not be moved from Wave 1 to Wave 2, but can be re-created as workbooks
Not all of my cards are fully approved. Will they be okay to migrate? Cards in submitted stage that are partially approved will have to be re-approved post-migration. We recommend that all cards be fully approved before migration.
Will my account have the same visibility and user rights? Yes. Upon migration, your user account will have equivalent visibility settings and user rights to what you had in Wave 1. Any further changes that are made as a result of the migration should be communicated to you by your company's Wave contact.
Will my initiatives (or activities, actions, or milestones) be the same after migration from Wave 1 to Wave 2? Yes, all information will remain the same, including initiative numbers. 
Do we need to update Wave 1 and Wave 2 at the same time during migration? No. Wave 1 and Wave 2 will not be updated simultaneously. When Wave 2 is available at the end of migration, Wave 1 will be available in ready-only mode.
Where is my Weekly Digest email? Wave 2 will not send a weekly digest email. Instead, the dashboard in Wave 2 has been configured for key views for each role to help identify which actions are needed to progress initiatives. 

What are some of the new features or improvements that I can begin using immediately?

Beyond the improved performance of Wave 2, there are some new features that are really exciting and you can begin using right away:

  • Track changes over time: Wave 2 has a new filtering capability in the workspace that allows you to quickly find initiatives or milestones that have not been updated recently.
  • New time view tab in initiatives: This new tab provides an overall view of the initiative's stage gate progress as well as many of the key dates for each gate.
  • Colors in views: You can now assign colors to your initiatives - for example, coloring by Weekly Status in list view will help you quickly find any cards that need attention.
  • Editing cards in the workspace: You can now edit some of the key fields for an initiative or milestone directly in the workspace without ever opening up the full card. This is accomplished via the new info panel.
  • Commenting in cards: You can now leave comments in your initiatives and milestones to create a running dialogue or to exchange updates between key stakeholders.
Where can I find a users guide or training materials in Wave 2? In addition to the resources provided in the Wave Success Center, the Help & Guides tab on your Wave Dashboard will contain resources specific to your program. Please contact your Wave Administrator for more details. 
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