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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Dashboard and Workspace Basic Navigation

There are two main areas in Wave: the Dashboard and Workspace.

What is the Dashboard?

The dashboard area allows you to quickly access pre-built views with different tabs relevant to your role in the program, as well as easy access to Help & Guides specific to your company's Wave configuration. The pre-built views in the dashboard tabs are interactive enabling you to quickly access and update your initiatives or conduct further analysis.

What is the Workspace?

The workspace area is where you will create new initiatives or add new information, conduct further analysis, and create and access your own tabs and workbooks.

Navigating between the Dashboard and Workspace

Choose either Dashboard or Workspace from the upper left side of the screen, just below the Wave logo.

Expand your view by clicking on the Maximize icon


In the maximized view of both the Dashboard and Workspace areas, you will see an icon in the top left corner of the page that looks like three dashed lines and is often called the hamburger. This icon will allow you to switch between the Dashboard and Workspace.





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