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Content Formatting

When you are building initiatives (or milestones, activities, etc.), the following formatting tips can help you make your content more readable.

There are a number of special characters you can use to format your text and make it easier to read. Note that these formatting options only apply to large text boxes, such as descriptions (see examples below). You will see the results of your formatting when you click out of the box you are updating.

Bulleted List

To create a bulleted list, prefix each line with a * or - character, then leave space before you start your text.

* Monday
* Tuesday 
* Wednesday


Indented List

To create an indented list, add double spaces (or multiples of double spaces) then the bullet and the space before you start your text.

* Level 1
  * Level 2
    * Level 3


Bold or Italics

To bold or italicize text, add either ** or *, respectively, before and after the text.

**bold text**
*italicized text*


Divider Line

To insert a divider line, enter three dashes --- in a new line.




To create a heading, prefix the text with # and a space.

# Sample Heading
## Sample Heading second level
### Sample Heading third level




To hyperlink text, type [text to be hyperlinked](full URL with https://).

[Visit Wave Success Center!](


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