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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Table View

Table view lets you compare multiple measures side-by-side. Note: The table view is similar to the "Scorecard" in Wave 1.



If you are not already in table view, select Switch to table view from the dropdown list of visualization types.



Navigating Table View

As with pivotGantt chartlist, and stacked chart views, table view data can be grouped, colored, and filtered. In the example below, four measures under Calendarized latest estimates are being compared. Values are grouped by period and colored by stage

Table view example.gif


To swap rows with columns, simply click on the swap icon Pivot_icon.pngas illustrated below.

Pivot the view.gif


Table views can be switched to stacked chart view, preserving the first four measure selections. The first measure will become the bar, the second a solid line, the third a dashed line and the fourth a dotted line.

Table to stacked chart.gif

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