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Workbook Tabs

Create multiple tabs and save them together as workbooks to help manage your personal workflow, share information for a meeting or build a shareable template for other users on your team using tabs in workbooks. Tabs in Wave workbooks function much like those in spreadsheets. 

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Start in your Wave workspace. Click on + ADD at the bottom of the page. This will open a new tab, similar to what you might see in a spreadsheet.




2. Click on the new tab. At this point, you can choose to rename the tab by right-clicking your mouse over the active tab. Note than you can also do this to duplicate or delete a tab.

A pop-up box will open with a prompt to name the workbook. Type in the name, then click Rename.


3. Sort and filter your data in the new workbook tab. When you have a view you would like to save, click the disk icon in the upper left corner of the workspace. In the pop up window, give your workbook a name and click Save

NOTE: Saving a workbook will save all of the tabs that are currently open, not just the active tab.





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