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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Features Archive

The following is a list of previous feature releases and updates, organized by month. Click on the month to learn more about the topics covered and reach out to your Wave representative with any questions. If you would like to receive this monthly newsletter directly, click on the subscribe link below!

July 2018

Three new ways to visualize data, create new initiatives, and manage users efficiently

  • Multiline charts

  • Clone cards

  • User deactivation

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June 2018

Two new ways to update and sort data faster

  • Bulk updates for impacts and KPIs

  • Custom data sorting

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May 2018

Three new features to improve your Wave experience

  • Dig into the details

  • Pin down impact and KPI columns

  • Keep user profiles up-to-date

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April 2018

Wave Success Center for everyone!

  • Wave essentials to get started

  • Managing initiatives at every stage

  • Advanced reporting for key roles

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March 2018

Export data, view impacts, and more!

  • View current list view data offline

  • Summarize your program's cumulative impacts

  • Find Wave Help at your fingertips

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February 2018

Stay on top of your program using visualizations

  • Visualize change over time

  • Filter by date

  • Access sample visualizations

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January 2018

Track and share program performance from your personal dashboard

  • Quick and easy to build

  • Customizable at any time

  • Shareable insights

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December 2017

Gain valuable real-time insights into your Wave data with workbooks

  • New Workbook Library!

  • Organized by role

  • Step-by-step instructions and recommendations on how to use each visualization

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October/November 2017

Card relationships, data views, and grouping by period

  • Relationships across cards

  • Parent/child card view

  • Visualize time series data

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September 2017

New search feature and enhanced product capabilities

  • Search as a Filter

  • Workbook tabs and sharing

  • Custom dates and zoom in Gantt

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August 2017

New views and data quality checks

  • Stacked charts

  • Gantt chart view

  • Data validations

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