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Wave How-To Videos

What is Wave?

Learn how different roles use Wave to get more done and make their jobs easier.
5:05 min video.

How to log in and get more help

Learn what you need to know to log in, how to bookmark Wave, recover your password, access FAQ, and where to go for more help.
2:00 min video.

How to create an initiative

Learn how to create an initiative, enter Title, Project Structures and Actions.
3:56 min video.

Three ways to update your data faster

Learn three tips for updating data: drag and drop, card cycle, and Gantt view drag and drop dates.
3:24 min video.

How to create a List View report of your initiatives and export to Excel

Learn how to find your initiatives, change the column order, save, and export to Excel.
2:39 min video.

How to create a List View report with initiatives and milestones

Learn how to create a detailed report in List view and how see the tasks that make up your initiatives as well as group tasks by initiative.
1:15 Min video.

How to create a Card View report of your initiatives by stage gate

Learn how to create a visual report in Card view and analyze progress by using Filter, Group and Color options.
1:42 min video.

How to save and access reports

Learn how to save and find your reports.
1:38 min video.

How to create a dashboard

Learn how to create your own dashboard.
2:20 min video.

How to see all dashboards available to you

Learn how to add a dashboard to your view.
0:32 min video.

How to share your dashboard

Learn two ways of sharing dashboards: Templates and Custom Dashboards.
1:26 min video.


Advanced Wave How-To Videos

How to quickly update multiple Impact numbers using Excel

Learn how to quickly mass update many Impact numbers using the Bulk Impact Update Excel report.
1:48 min video.

How to login to Wave via OTP (One-Time PIN)

Learn how to login to Wave remotely using OTP authentication.
1:48 min video.

What to put on a dashboard for the leadership team

Learn how to help your leadership get key information such as key financial metrics, initiatives flagged for attention, and actions coming up.
2:58 min video.


New Features (Release 1.18)

Personalized List View

Learn how to customize the columns that display in List View.
5:04 min video.

Card Cycling

Page through your initiatives quickly with the new cycling feature.
1:48 min video.

Excel Extract from List View

Learn about the new Excel extract capability from list view
2:27 min video.

Rolling Date Filter

Filter on rolling date thresholds to build dynamic views for your dashboards. 
3:26 min video.


New Features (Releases 1.19 - 1.21)

Enhanced action organization

Learn how you can now group your actions by their parent initiative's attributes.
1:51 min video.

Share individual views

Learn how to send individual views to other users for improved collaboration.
1:34 min video.

Export enhancements

Learn about the new ways to export data into Excel.
2:24 min video.

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