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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

I requested an Excel report, but it is not appearing

When requesting an Excel report from the report section in Wave, the request is queued and then processed before the report is made available for download. Please note:

  • Once “Being processed” or “Ready for download”, the report will appear at the top of the Report section in Wave. Make sure you scroll to the top of the page to find your report and check its status.

  • Report requests will be placed in a queue. At peak times, requests can take several minutes before being processed and appearing at the top of the Report page. Please avoid repeatedly requesting the same report as this will further congest the queue. A message will let you know that your request is queued.

  • If you have a lot of initiatives and milestones in Wave, and if you have visibility of all data, reports may take several minutes to be processed before being ready for download. Please ensure you only report on the data you need you can do this by filtering to the relevant set of initiatives in Card view before requesting the report, and by only choosing the necessary number of historical weekly snapshots (if relevant).

If your report did not appear at the top of the Wave Reports page (i.e., it did not appear as either “Being processed” or “Ready for download”), and/or an error message has appeared, please submit a Wave Support form specifying which report you tried to request and sharing the error message you received (preferably with a screenshot), and the approximate time of your request.