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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Super User Training

The Super User Role

The Wave Super User should:

  1. Serve as a "Wave champion" within the organization
  2. Serve as a single point of contact for
    • Communication to end users: Decide when and how to communicate new releases and features and any system outages such as planned downtime
    • Wave access through support:  approve user creation/deletion requests and general Wave access
    • Configuration changes and request through McKinsey Wave Operations team: Serve as a gate keeper for any configuration changes to the system, data uploads and custom report development
  3. Train other users on Wave as required
  4. Perform basic configuration changes to the system using the "Configuration" tab as needed

This guide is intended to serve as a reference for Super Users.

Upload Training Materials

You may want to add training materials such as videos and documents within Wave. 

To do this, add the “Shared Documents” pre-built widget to a dashboard. 

Then click the icon on the right to upload documents.

Tips for Getting The Best Response From Support

Support resolves the great majority of client requests in under 24 hours.  To make sure your organization is getting the most out of support:

  • Always include the ticket number in the email subject
  • Always email instead of an individual person. The group email will result in faster response and ensure follow up.
  • For urgent issues, cc your Wave account manager or solutions support contact
  • To add users, use the email user creation template and Excel template together on page 8 to provide all the needed information upfront
  • If you are not getting the response you would like, please follow up with a phone call using the numbers below

Support International Phone Numbers

  McK Internal External
UK 344 6362 +44 207-961-6362
US 401 1402 1-212-415-1402
Canada 416 3923 +1-416-313-3923
India 871 2082 +91-124-333-2082
China 886 3332 +86-21-6122-3332
Australia 861 1500 +61-2-8220-1500
Thailand 886 8586 +66-2-694-8586
Czech Republic 320 4384 +42-022-141-4384
Costa Rica 450 2058 +50-62-562-2058
Morocco 312 6880 +212-522-886-880
Belgium 332 4010 +32-2-645-4010
Germany 349 8425 +49-89-5594-8425
United Arab Emirates 371 9088 +971-4389-9088
Brazil 455 1444 +55 11 5189 1444
Chile 456 1866 +56 2 353 1866
Peru 451 9333 +51 1 712 9333

Accessing Wave

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions on that provides guidance on how to troubleshoot common issues with accessing Wave. 

One Time Pin

Wave uses IP whitelisting as a security measure.  Users accessing Wave from a non-IP whitelisted IP may use a One Time Pin to access Wave.

With One time PIN you can access Wave from any location, even if it’s not in the whitelisted zone.

The One Time PIN process is started automatically when you access Wave from a non-whitelisted IP.

  • How long does a One Time PIN session remain valid?
    An OTP sessions remains valid for 24 hours as long as you keep the browser window open. If you close the browser window, you will need to restart the process.
  • How many times can I use a PIN code?
    Each PIN code can only be used one time.
  • When I request a PIN code I get an error showing that I’m not authorized to use OTP.
    Please verify that you entered the correct username. If that’s the case and it still does not work please contact McKinsey Solutions Support to verify if your account is correctly set up for OTP.


The One Time PIN process consists of the following 7 steps

  1. To enable OTP, contact and list the user’s first name, last name, and email address.
  2. Access the Solution from a non-whitelisted IP
  3. Proceed to the OTP page

   4. Request PIN code


5. Receive PIN by mail

6. Enter PIN code and password

7. Login to the Solution with your username and password

Add New Users

To request new users, email  Only McKinsey support can create new users. 

For the fastest response, use the email template and your customized Excel user creation template to provide all the needed information upfront, such as the role and visibility settings. Please contact your for your customized Excel user creation template.

Email user creation template

Hi Team,

Can you please create users for


: Production

Tenant Name:

Users to be added: See attached file: Users Creation Template.xlsm)

  • Email
  • Visibility setting ( i.e., North America, Operations)
  • Role (i.e., Wave)
  • Note if they are an approver.  If you have multiple approver groups, specific which approver group (i.e., Finance Approver)


Enable One Time Pin (OTP)?: Yes / No
Send User name and password immediately:
Yes / No

Example Excel user creation template (Contact for your customized template)

* Put an "x" under each role that the user should be assigned. Users can have multiple roles.

* Select the visibility group that the user should have access to, related functions will (populated based on group configuration) * If a user must be added to different groups, add multiple lines under "visibility permissions/groups" only. See Example

Wave User Roles



assign this role to…


any client user who should have read-only access only.


anyone who will need to edit/create an initiative or action in Wave. This user can only edit the initiatives they own.


same as Wave role, but able to edit all initiatives they can see.


Anyone who will perform initiative approval tasks in Wave. This should be combined with Wave or Guest role.


any user who should be able to approve on behalf of other users.


any user who should be able to edit initiatives even if they are locked (e.g. when in a stage gate)


any client or Client Service Team system administrator (keep to a minimum). This will allow them to edit the Wave configuration. Should be given after user has completed the super user training.

Request Usage Reports

At any time, you can request to see usage numbers of who has logged in by emailing and requesting users First Name, Last Name, email, visibility, and log in activity for a certain time period, for example, for the last three months.

You can also contact your Wave account manager to help you review usage.

Example usage request:


The login username

First name


Last name





One Time Password access flag


Permissions visibilities on project structure.


Rights granted to user


If user is enabled or disabled…


Activity history



 Best Practices: Maintaining Active Users

  • Check usage regularly (for example quarterly) as well as after major organization changes to monitor who is logging in and how often
  • Highlight best practices from active users – talk to active users and see how they are using Wave and what best practices you might spread across your organization
  • Target low usage groups – Run usage reports to identify users who have not logged in.  Talk to these users to determine any roadblocks, such as training.  Teach strategies learned from high activity users

Best Practices: Removing Users

Before you remove a user, you will need to re-assign the previous users’ tasks to a new user.

  • Check approvals: Check approvals to ensure no approvals are pending.
  • Email and ask to disable the users as well remove the user from any approval groups. 
  •  Ask to disable users rather than delete the users.  This preserves the user’s history.
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