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I get an "Unknown Location" message when logging in

If you see the screen below, you are probably trying to access Wave from an IP address that has not been white-listed to use Wave. You must be on your company network/VPN or use the One Time Pin to securely log in. This is a measure we put in place with your company IT to safeguard the data you store in Wave.

  • If you have used Wave from your current location and internet connection before, please confirm that you are also connected to your company network/VPN.

  • If you are still getting the error message, please contact your IT support to make sure the IP address for your location has not been changed and/or request your IP address to be white-listed through Wave Support.

  • If you do not have access to a company network or VPN, you may want to use our One Time Password functionality or "OTP." If this capability is not an option, reach out to your company Wave representative to discuss the opportunity to activate the functionality at your company.

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