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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

I can't access the Wave Login Page

If you having difficult accessing the Wave Login page, please try the following tests to narrow down the issue:

1) Are you able to reach other websites (i.e., your internet connection is working) but Wave's login page still does not appear? If yes, please make sure that you are using the correct URL to access Wave:

2) If you are using the correct URL, do you see an "Unknown location" error message? If so, make sure you are on your corporate network / VPN. You can also click here for further instruction on how to correct this issue.

3) If you do not have access to a company network or VPN, you may want to use our One Time Password functionality or "OTP." If this capability is not an option, reach out to your company Wave representative to discuss the opportunity to activate the functionality at your company.

4) If the above links are not working, and you are not receiving the "Unknown location" error page, it is possible that Wave may be experiencing a temporary maintenance window or service interruption. In this case, please contact your company Wave representative to check for a possible service interruption (e.g. planned maintenance, unexpected temporary failure) and submit a ticket with a screenshot of the error message to

  • We take your Wave data security very seriously and do not allow access from public wifi networks without additional security precaution

  • Wave 1 does not work on mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, or Android

  • We suggest bookmarking the Wave URL in your browser’s “favorites” folder for easy access

  • This article applies only to our Wave 1 product (orange login screen). If you are trying to access Wave 2 (blue login screen), please review the following article: Wave 2 Login