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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

How Wave supports your transformation

What is Wave? 

Learn how different roles use Wave to track their transformation program objectives.
5:05 min video.


Wave is designed to...

  • Deliver insight from the program to action level through standardized metrics and accountability reporting

  • Improve execution, ensuring the right people are involved at the right level through a standard approval process

  • Streamline tracking and reporting through dashboards and auto-calculated status flags that detect late initiatives

  • Help achieve goals through locking down impact values and dates at relevant points during execution cycle


How does Wave help different roles in the transformation?

Initiative Owners

Workstream Leads and Sponsors

Executive Leadership

Saves you time: Online updates focus meetings & reduce preparation time Better data: Online data with fully auditable history of updates Better results: McKinsey best practices and proven successes
Helps implementation: Pre-built risk flagging and escalation resolution Easier reporting: standardized metrics let you report across departments Real time information: See program dashboard and drill down to any initiative
Better collaboration: Online tools make it easy to work in real time with colleagues around the world Saves you time: Fast to deploy pre-built reports and dashboards reduce your time gathering data. Single source of truth: Updates from all workstreams in one place.


How Wave fits into the overall transformation

What Wave is What Wave is NOT
  • A program management tool underpinning large-scale transformations

  • One source of truth to facilitate collaboration, transparency, and accountability

  • Only focused on the key inputs required to drive impact / value creation to the P&L

  • Aligned to the General Ledger to be used as a key input to the financial outlook cadence (budgeting, forecasting)

  • Microsoft Project (i.e., tracking hundreds of milestones for 1 initiative)

  • Replacement for human collaboration (Wave creates the opportunity)

  • Accounting reconciliation tool or the primary business scorecard (not intended for every dollar to tie to your Oracle or finance system)

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