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Bulk Impact Update

Initiative owners and super editors can update planned, actual and forecast impact data for multiple initiatives by doing a Bulk Impact Update. Watch this short video or follow our instructions below to learn how. Also be sure to review the bulk impact update user guidelines, which will help explain how user roles can affect use of this feature. 


Step-by-step Instructions

1. Select the initiatives to update. Click on the Export View icon in the gray bar, then select Bulk Impact Upload. This will generate an impact file, which make take a few moments to load.


2. When the file is ready, click on Reports. You will see your report under Data extract requests. Click on the file and it will automatically download.


3. When prompted by your browser, Open the file and click on the Impact Details tab. Please note that some users may get a Security Warning as indicated below. Simply click on Enable Content in order to view and update data.


4. Record your updates in the spreadsheet. Cells that have been changed will be colored as shown in the example below. When you are done, click on Copy Data.


5. Go back to Wave and click on the Upload Impacts icon in the gray bar.


6. Click on Upload exported synergy metrics in the pop-up window. Wave will validate the data at this point. If the data is good, it will be uploaded and you will be able to proceed. Otherwise, return to your Excel file and make the necessary edits before repeating from step 4.


Bulk Impact Report User Guidelines

Your ability to use the bulk impact update feature will depend on your Wave user role. 

  • Guest: user can download the report, modify it, and copy data, but the “Upload” icon is not shown on Wave and the process cannot be completed.
  • Initiative Owner: impacts can be uploaded for only user-owned initiatives.
  • Tsunami/Super Editor: user can upload impacts regardless of the ownership of the initiative.

Please note that regardless of your role, if the initiative is in a gate (e.g. “Submitted for L3 approval”) an “Import data consistency validation” error will be displayed and the process cannot be completed.

If you feel that your user role should be edited, please contact your company's Wave representative. 
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