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Approve initiatives

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to find initiatives that require approval in Wave

  • How to approve or reject initiatives



Make sure you are familiar with your program's approval process and governance structure. To see an example of a typical approval process, you can reference the Understanding Stage Gate Process article.

How to find initiatives that require your approval

As an approver, there are several ways to find initiatives that require your approval:


'Initiatives to be Approved by me' widget on the Dashboard tab:

Note: Some programs do not include the 'Initiatives to be approved by me' widget by default. If you cannot find this widget on your home page dashboard, you can create a custom dashboard and add this widget to the dashboard. Review the article on how to create a custom dashboard for more help.


Your email inbox - Wave will send you a notification any time a new initiative is submitted to you for review. Make sure to search for emails from 'Wave' or ''.


If you already know the ID number of the initiative, you can type the ID into the search bar and press enter to bring up the initiative card.


How to approve or reject initiatives


Once you locate and open the initiative that you need to approve, you first need to review the information in the card. Your program may have approval checklists as a reference to help identify which fields to review. These fields often depend on the stage that the initiative is being submitted into.


After reviewing the information entered in the initiative, you can choose to either approve or reject the initiative via the buttons in the bottom right of the card editor:


If you have verified the information and confirm that the initiative is ready to move along to the next stage, you can click on 'Approve,' provide any relevant commentary, and then press 'Submit':

NOTE: If you decide to reject an initiative, make sure to provide sufficient reasoning in the 'Comments' box above. This commentary will be provided to the Initiative Owner via an e-mail notification once you reject the initiative.

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