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Create actions

Actions are high-level activities or milestones that are required to implement an initiative (typically during the 'L3 - Implementation' stage). They are not meant to capture extremely detailed or granular tasks, but rather the major activities that are needed to display the overall status of the initiatives' implementation.

NOTE: Actions are often referred to as milestones or activities.


How many actions do I need to enter in my initiative?

Wave is not intended to be a Project Management tool, so the rule of thumb is that anywhere from 3-10 actions are sufficient to provide an overall view into the implementation plan. Wave will not stop you from entering more than 10 actions, but it is also not required to go into such extensive detail. A good barometer to consider when entering your action plan is to ask:

"If my workstream lead or a program sponsor were to ask for an update on how my initiative is progressing through its implementation stage, what level of detail would they want to see?"

A program sponsor likely will not want to see a list of 40 actions as this will be difficult to synthesize quickly. On the other side of the coin, only 1 or 2 actions may not provide enough insight into how far along (or behind) the initiative is in its implementation. 

Creating new actions


In the initiative card, navigate to the 'Actions' tab.


Once you are on the Actions tab, click on 'Add New Action.'


The Action card will display. Action cards look like a chevron shape and typically have much fewer fields to fill out. Enter a title, owner, description, and a planned start and end date for your action. Depending on your configuration, there may be additional fields to fill out.


Click 'Save'.

TIP: After saving, click the up arrow to return to the overall initiative. From here, you can continue to add actions.

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