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Create a new initiative

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Learn how to create a new initiative - including how to enter a title, select project structures or workstreams, and build up action plans.
3:56 min video.


Step-by-step guide

Note:  Your application may use different names for initiatives and actions (e.g. projects and milestones).


Click the icon at the top of the gray tool bar to create a new initiative.


In the card editor, you will need to enter a title and choose an Initiative Owner. Make sure the title is less than 200 characters and not a full description of the initiative.

Note: If you cannot find the name you are looking for in the "Initiative Owner" field, it means that the individual you are looking for does not have a Wave account. You can either send a request to create a new user to your company's Wave representative or choose someone else from the program to maintain the updates for this initiative in Wave.


Depending on your program's configuration, there may be other fields that are mandatory to fill out in order to save a new initiative. These fields might include:
  • Project Structure

  • Workstream

  • Functional Team

  • Description field

  • Sponsor

  • Implementation dates

Note:  Mandatory fields that require a response will show a red border around the field. Wave will also instruct you to fill in a value if you try to save the initiative when a mandatory field is left blank. 

Note: Your program may include additional instructions for creating a new initiative in the Shared Documents widget on the main home page dashboard in Wave. 


Click the 'Save' button in the bottom right corner of the card editor.

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