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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Transformation Guide

Take a learning path to get up to speed quickly

The following paths reflect the most common roles when using Wave in a transformation program. Choose the path most applicable to your role in the program for a tailored Wave learning plan.

  • InitiativeOwner.png

    This learning path will help you learn the basics of initiative ownership as well as how to efficiently make updates in Wave.

  • Sponsors.png

    This learning path will enable you to drill into specific initiatives for more information as well as build an understanding of the program's status with reports and dashboards.

  • Leadership.png

    This learning path will teach you how to navigate Wave and view dashboards and reports that will provide a high-level overview of your program.


Learn about transformations and how to manage your initiatives

Looking for a specific guide or article? Check out the below feature guides which explore what Wave is, how to own and update initiatives, how to save reports, and how to use dashboards.

View your information and create personalized dashboards

Learn how to explore your data and save your reports as views in Wave. From there, you can then add your favorite views to a custom dashboard or even add dashboards that other users have sent to you.

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