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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Viewing Annualized Distribution of Impact

Note: This article only applies if your transformation is using annualized impacts

When viewing a Distribution of Impacts report, you can choose to view non-annualized (calendarized) or annualized (sometimes referred to as run rate) data sources. 

Not sure what the difference is or when to use which option? Click here for more information.

When selecting impacts, be mindful to select impacts of the same type (e.g., look at recurring benefits together and one-time benefits together). Otherwise, results will be inaccurate. 

Note that Wave captures goals/targets from non-annualized (calendarized) impacts, so this data will not appear when using annualized reports.  Additionally there are no actual impacts at the annualized level as actuals are always measured on a calendarized or monthly basis.