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Modify Columns in List View

The List View in Wave is a spreadsheet style view for reporting on initiatives, ideal for initiative owners. The columns displayed can easily be customized and saved to your profile.

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Select List View from the navigation panel on the left hand side of Wave, then click on the gear icon on the gray tool bar.


2.  In the Customize your list view box, you can add or remove list view attributes. Attributes of the existing list view are shown in the right column, “Selected Columns,” listed in the order they appear from left to right.

Adding a list view column

Attributes listed on the left are columns available to add to the existing list view. Select the desired attribute, then click the right arrow to move that attribute to the list view.

Removing a list view column

Select the attribute to remove from the list of selected columns and click on the left arrow to move that attribute to the list of available columns.

Changing the order of list view columns

Once the attributes are in the current list view on the right, the order in which they appear can be changed. Simply highlight the attribute and move up or down using the arrows on the right of the box.


3. After changes have been made to a list view, there are three options for customizations:

 - Apply: Changes are applied, but the List view would revert to original profile settings next time you log in. The changes you made will not be saved for future Wave sessions.

 - Save to my profile: Modifications are saved and will be the list view default when you next log in to Wave.

 - Restore from my profile: Reverts view to what was previously saved to profile.

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