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Filter initiatives by impact allocation

If you want to see a list of all initiatives that have an impact on a specific workstream or area of your impact project structure, follow the steps below:

On the reports tab, open ‘Distribution of impacts’ online report:


From the 'Select' panel, choose the data series and metrics you would like to view in your analysis.


On the 'Filter' panel,  filter out "Cancelled" initiatives from the "Stage Gate" attribute:


Also on the 'Filter' panel, click on 'Filter by Impacts', click on the impact project structure (e.g. in our case it is 'Workstreams'), and select the elements of the structure you wish to keep. For our example, let's say we want to see all of the impact on the External Spend workstream.

In order to show all of the filtered results in one bar on the graph, Color the report "By selected data series" and group it by "Impact project structure" at the top level node (e.g. in our case "Company"):


The resulting view will show one bar - this is the total impact allocated to the External Spend workstream. Click on the bar to see a list of all the initiatives that have impact allocated to this workstream:


The resulting list displays all of the initiatives that impact External Spend. You can export this list to Excel via the "Export List" link in the bottom right corner:

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