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Wave Success Center by McKinsey

Use the toolbar to save views, export data, and other options

The gray toolbar in Wave is home to several important options:

New initiative

The "New Initiative" icon allows users to create new initiative cards from scratch. This icon is accessible from all tabs in Wave.



The refresh button allows users to refresh all of the data in Wave to pull in the latest updates from all users. This icon is accessible from all tabs in Wave.

NOTE: If you see a red exclamation on the refresh icon, it means another user has updated information in Wave and you can hit refresh to bring in those latest changes to your view.


Full Screen

The "Full Screen" option allows you to hide the tabs panel so that you have more room to view data in the dashboards or various views.


Customize your dashboard

The gear icon on the Dashboard tab allows you to customize your own dashboard. For more on this process, visit our dashboard guide.


Reset view

If you want to remove all of the selections you have made from the Group, Color, Sort, and Filter options, you can click on "Reset View" and start your report over from scratch.


Save view

If you want to save the view you are currently looking at so that you can later use it on a dashboard, you can click the "Save view" disk icon. For more information, check out our article on saving and finding your views.


Export view

Wave allows you to extract information into various formats such as Excel, image files, and MS Project (Gantt view only). 


Reset zoom

If you have zoomed in on your view in Card or Gantt view, the 'Reset' zoom allows you to go back to the default zoom setting.

Customize your list view

You can customize the columns you want to see and the order of the columns in List view by clicking on the gear icon.


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