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Technical Pre-requisites

The following are pre-requisites for using Wave.

  • Use Internet Explorer as your internet browser. While Wave 1 is optimized for IE, Mac users can also access the platform using Safari. Chrome and Firefox (version 53 and above) cannot be used as those browsers do not support Microsoft Silverlight.

  • Confirm that you have Silverlight installed (version 5.0 or higher) and enabled on your browser. For Safari users, please confirm with your company's IT team that you can install and enable Silverlight.

  • For security purposes, Wave can only be accessed from your company's office locations or VPN. If neither of these is available, your company may also employ the use of a feature called One-Time-Pin (or OTP) which is a form of two-factor authentication. 

  • An active internet connection, preferably with the recommended network bandwidth (200-500KB/download speed per concurrent user)

  • Recommended PC characteristics: Intel I5/17 CPU, GPU Support, minimum 4GB RAM, 1024x768 resolution or higher, Disk space: 100 MB

Please contact your local IT support for help or clarification with any of the above pre-requisites.

If you encounter any Wave technical issues, please submit a Wave Support form

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