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Adding and Editing Text Boxes

Text boxes on your dashboard can be used in a variety of ways and are easy to customize and update. They can even be color-coded.

Some ways to use text boxes are:

  • Announcements, e.g. training schedule, planned maintenance, updates
  • Resources, e.g. where to go for more help
  • Any other text that would be useful to have on a dashboard, e.g. section headers

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Select Dashboard from the navigation panel on the left hand side of Wave, then click on the gear icon on the gray tool bar.


2. Confirm that the dashboard section listed at the top of the page in orange text is the one you want to update.



3. Now you can add or edit text boxes

Adding Text Boxes

In the bottom left box, scroll down to Built-in Widgets and select the Text item, or search for text. Mouse over the Text item and drag it to the right and place it where you would like it to appear.

Editing Text Boxes

Hover your mouse over the text box you wish to edit and click on the pencil icon that will appear to the right.

A pop-up Widget properties box should open where you can type your new text or updates in the Description box. You can also change the background color of the box using the Background color dropdown.

Click OK, then repeat for all your text boxes.


4. Once all changes have been made, click Save and you will return to your Dashboard view.


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