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Create a template dashboard

Template dashboards are accessible to all users in Wave. However, only users with the "Dashboard Manager" permission are able to create and edit template dashboards.

Note: Users will still only see data that they are authorized to see, which is defined by each user's visibility settings.


From the Dashboard tab, click the gear icon on the gray tool bar.


To create a new template dashboard, click on the "template" icon (the one with the lock on it).

NOTE: This dashboard will be immediately accessible to all users in your program once you save it. However, users will still need to add the dashboard within their own dashboard editor in order to view its contents.


To promote an already existing custom dashboard to become a template dashboard, hover over the dashboard and click the promote icon.


Remember to communicate to other users that they need to enable the template dashboard that you just created. They can refer to the article on how to add dashboards for more instructions.
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