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Workbook FAQs

Question Answer
What is a workbook? A workbook is a collection of tabs.
How do I clear filters or groupings that I've applied to a tab?

You can remove the settings applied to the tab by clearing the filters and setting the Group bySort by, or Color by to None. These settings are easily accessed by clicking on the breadcrumbs in the title above the view.


How do I change my visualization?

Click on the view title in the upper left corner and select the visualization. 


How do I access filters?

Filters are accessed by clicking on the Funnel icon.


Alternatively, if a view is already filtered, click on the blue text following "filtered by" in the view title.

How do I access the preview panel or activity feed? Single click on the initiative you want to learn more about and click on the Info Panel icon. 
When I customize my tab, will these changes be visible the next time I log into Wave? Yes. Your customized tab will remain that way until you save any changes you have made to it. 
How do I see if someone has made changes to an initiative or milestone?

There are several ways to see if someone has made a change:

  1. Check the activity feed in an initiative to see any updates made.
  2. Filter your view by Updated on for changes made during a specific time period or Updated by for changes made by specific users.
  3. Click on the Track Changes icon Track_changes_icon.png and select Visualize change over time, then the relative time period and initiative attributes.  


How do I access saved workbooks? Workbooks can be accessed by clicking on the folder icon Folder.png in the upper left toolbar. 
My team member shared a URL for a workbook with me but I can't see anything. What happened and what can I do?

First, make sure you are logged into Wave when you click on the URL.

If that does not solve the problem, then confirm that you have the same visibility permissions as your colleague. Users with different visibility permissions may not see the same data. 

Contact your Wave administrator if you need to update your permissions.

Can I pre-filter reports? Yes. Users can create saved workbooks based on filters. 


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